How to get high monthly commissions

If you do the right things with your Axandra affiliate link then you can greatly increase your commissions. The better you use your affiliate link, the more money you’ll earn.

Our affiliate program is for people who want to earn a substantial income on the Internet.

If you refer ten IBP Business sales per month to us (that is only one sale every three days) then you will get US$1584.80 per month from us.

Powerful strategies to get high affiliate commissions

  1. Link to the right pages

    Use targeted links to get as many commissions as possible. The right link to the right page can greatly improve your conversion rates.

  2. Add a personal touch to your affiliate link

    Distinguish yourself from the rest. Personal recommendations work best if you want to get a great conversion rate. Use powerful text that converts web surfers into buyers.

  3. Benefit from many different advertising methods

    You can use your Axandra affiliate link on many different locations. Learn how to get the most out of your Axandra affiliate link by benefiting from different advertising methods.

  4. Use banners and text links to attract different customers

    Banners and text links attract different customers. Learn how to find the best banners and the best text links to advertise Axandra products on your website.

  5. Get results as quickly as possible

    There is one thing that separates successful affiliates from unsuccessful affiliates. If you do what the successful affiliates do then you’ll get a high commission payment at the end of each month.