Tell your website visitors why your like IBP

Tell your website visitors why you like IBP. Tell them which IBP feature you like best. Tell your visitors how IBP can improve their business.

You recommend IBP, they buy IBP

Give your visitors a vivid and enthusiastic description of our tools. Tell your visitors why they should use our products: they get high search engine rankings, more visitors, more customers and more sales.

If you tell your visitors that they should purchase our products then they will believe you because you are an independent reviewer.

Personal recommendations work best

Many affiliates just use banners to promote their affiliate link. Unfortunately, web surfers tend to ignore banner ads.

You’ll get much better results if you use your affiliate link in the normal text of your website. Use your affiliate link in a recommendation. This works much better than using your affiliate link in an advertisement.

Personal recommendations work much better than banner ads. Take the time to write some personal lines about IBP.

Tell your visitors why you like IBP and why they should use it. Then you’ll get more conversions and higher commissions.

Create a dedicated page for IBP on your website

Even if your website is not about search engine optimization tools you could create a page about IBP on your website.

Pick an IBP feature and describe it on that page. Tell your visitors why this feature is great. Tell your website visitors where they can download IBP and where they can buy it.

Recommend IBP on your website and tell your visitors why you recommend IBP. Then you’ll get many conversions and high commissions.

Tell your visitors why you think that IBP is great and then link to the right web page (a detailed info page, the download page or the order page).