Advertise your affiliate link

Of course, you should use your affiliate link on your website to link to our website.

As explained on the previous pages, you’ll get high commissions if you convince your website visitors that our products can help them to improve their business.

Of course, there are other methods that you can use to advertise your affiliate link:

1. Use your affiliate link in your email signature

You could end your email messages like that:

Best regards,

Peter Parker
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2. Advertise your affiliate link on PPC (pay per click ) search engines

Of course, you can advertise your affiliate pages on pay per click search engines such as Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing.

3. Share your link on Facebook and Twitter

Share your affiliate link on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to increase the number of clicks on your affiliate link.

4. Advertise your affiliate link in newsletters and other media

If you have an online newsletter, advertise your affiliate link in that newsletter.

Be creative. The more people see your affiliate link, the more commissions you’ll get.

Do not use spam techniques to promote your affiliate link. This is not allowed by our terms and conditions and it also doesn’t work.

Make sure that the people who see your affiliate link could be interested in website promotion software tools. It doesn’t make sense to present your link to people who don’t have a website.