The ultimate secret to your success

There’s one secret that separates successful affiliates from unsuccessful affiliates. The ultimate secret to your success is you!

You make it happen and you should not give up until it does. The most important criteria is your attitude.

Many people just join our affiliate program and then they bury their affiliate link somewhere deep on a web page where no one can find it. It is no wonder that they don’t get many commissions.

If you follow the tips and recommendations of the previous pages then you’ll get many commissions and high monthly payouts. You just have to do it!

Test different options with your affiliate link. Maybe you have to change the text on your website a bit to get better results. That’s what our link tracking feature is for.

Some options might not work with your website visitors. Others might lead tons of conversions. As soon as you have found the text, text ad, banner or other advertising method that works best for you, you’ll get high monthly payouts.

You can earn up to US$157.48 for a single sale with our affiliate program. If you do it right, you will earn a substantial income with your Axandra affiliate link.