Get up to US$174.98 for every sale you refer to us!

Our affiliate program is an easy way for you to earn extra money with your website. It is for people who are serious about earning a substantial income on the Internet.

We pay 35% commission per sale. This means you will get up to US$174.98 for a single sale that you refer to us! And it’s getting even better: If you refer someone to our site and they join our affiliate program, you will get 10% for every sale THEY refer to us!

Four reasons to join our affiliate program:
  1. Serious commissions: We pay our partners up to US$174.98 per sale and we pay on time, every time.
  2. Reliable tracking and advanced reporting: To help you to earn more, we focus on conversions and provide detailed tracking reports.
  3. One affiliate link – multiple products: You have one affiliate ID and one login page but you can promote all Axandra products.
  4. No risk for you: You pay nothing to participate in our program and you can stop anytime you like.
  5. The Axandra affiliate program works with any Axandra product: IBP, the AdWords eBook, search technology updates, etc. It does not work with SEOprofiler, which has its own affiliate program.

How does it work?

Just link to our website with your special affiliate link. Each time you refer a prospect (when they click on your link), we’ll track that prospect until they purchase an Axandra product. On completion of the sale you will earn a 35% commission.

At any time, you can log in to your administration area, to see real time statistics (including your sales, clicks and impressions).

Review on :

“In order to optimize your promotions, earnings and web design Axandra Affiliate Program has thought of everything.

They make it possible to see which of your promotional links works the best, refers most customers, advice you on how to promote their products through written articles, use recommendations and how to best use banners and text links.

These are a few examples. But it’s clear that when it comes to optimizing your website; whether it’s to get higher rankings, PPC or earning money through affiliate programs, they know what they’re talking about!”

Getting started

To join our affiliate program read our affiliate agreement carefully, then sign up.

When you join you will receive your affiliate ID and detailed information about how you could link to our website.