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If you get Internet connection problems for some keywords or websites, then it is likely that the amount of queries and/or the search depth is the reason for the problem. Google has dramatically changed the filters that detect “unnatural” search behavior.

Google (and some other search engines) temporarily return no results if they are queried too often in a short time period from the same computer. The same problem occurs when Google detects an unnatural search behavior (for example when several result pages are queried for every keyword).

The average web surfer only looks at the first result page. It creates a very unusual pattern if several result pages are checked for each keyword. Unfortunately, it seems that Google blocks requests faster now.

This is not an error in IBP. It doesn’t matter if the query has been performed with IBP, manually or with any other tool. It’s the frequency of the queries and the search depth that triggers the block.

You can do the following to avoid the problem:

  • Enter higher delays in the “Human emulation” panel in the “General settings” window in IBP.
  • Check as few result pages as possible per keyword. The more result pages you check, the less natural it looks.
  • Enter a proxy server in your MS Internet Explorer options to bypass the block. A list of free proxy servers can be found here.
  • Tick the following checkbox: IBP> Rankings> Edit settings> Search depth> Stop checking the ranking results for a keyword when one URL of your website has been found.
  • Select the “Google (100 results)” option in the settings of the ranking monitor and change the number of checked result pages to 1. In that case, IBP will get result pages with 100 results at once (representing 10 usual result pages).

    In that case, IBP will stop searching the result pages for a keyword when your website has been found and proceed with the next keywords in your list. It is important that you limit the number of checked result pages to “1” in this case.

In general, we recommend to make as few search engine queries at possible. If you cannot optimize your web pages for hundreds of search terms, you shouldn’t check the rankings for hundreds of search terms.

It is also advisable to restart your router after a ranking check so that you get a new IP address (if your ISP uses dynamic IP’s).

As mentioned above, this is not a bug in IBP but a limitation of Google that happens with all ranking checkers and even when you search manually that often.