Use our RSS feed and let us remind visitors for you

How about this: we remind your visitors again and again with their approval about our products until they purchase something and you get the commission?

Our weekly newsletter is the perfect tool to do so. We offer a free weekly SEO newsletter that informs webmasters about the latest trends in search engine marketing.

Of course, the newsletter also mentions our products. If you refer visitors to our newsletter then we’ll remind them to purchase our tools every week.

As your affiliate cookie is valid for a full year, you’ll get the commission even if the customer needs a full year to purchase after the click on your affiliate link.

Option 1: Link directly to our newsletter page

This is the easiest option if you don’t know how to add RSS feeds to your website. Just link your affiliate link to this URL (replace YOUR-ID with your own affiliate URL):

Option 2: Use our RSS feed to add regularly updated content to your site

You can also use our RSS feed to display our newsletter article headlines on your website. The RSS2HTML script by Sharon Housley allows you to easily add our RSS feed to your website while using your website design.

Do the following:

  1. RSS2HTML.
  2. Open the rss2html.php file in a simple text editor.
  3. Enter the URL as the XML filename in line 29 in the rss2html.php file.
  4. Edit the sample-template.html file so that it matches your website design. Make sure that your affiliate link is in front of the ItemLink variable in the template (click here for an example template file).
  5. Enter the URL of the template as the template filename in line 49 in the rss2html.php file.

That’s it. Upload the rss2html.php file and the template file to your server and you’re done.

The design is 100% up to you. You can integrate our RSS feed in your website with your very own website design.

Using our RSS feed on your regular web pages can greatly increase the number of clicks that you receive for your affiliate link.

If you don’t know how to add PHP pages and RSS to your website and if you don’t understand the description above then just link directly to our newsletter page.